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    Apr 4, 2009
    I have been using Moonshell 2 beta 5 but today decided to update to beta 9. So i deleted the old beta 5 files and copied across the new beta 9 files. However, when i run moonshl2.nds, it doesnt load and says "Can not found ROMEO2 cartridge on GBA slot". I'm using a Max Media Dock (dont laugh). What do i do? I tried copying the "NoGBAMem.txt" file from the additional folder to the moonshl2 folder on my card, because the error was to do with GBA, but that didnt help. Any advice, or should i just go back to beta 5?

    EDIT: Anyone? I emailed the developer as he asked in the readme, and he said he'd work on it and get back to me.
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