ROM Hack [Mod] Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire GBA Music Swap!


Sep 23, 2019
United States
Howdy, y'all! Been lurking without a GBATemp account for several years, but I finally made one to bring you all this little Pokémon ORAS mod I made!

I saw that someone did make an honest attempt at it a good while back, so I decided to give it a go myself. I hope this doesn't break any rules, but a friend suggested I share the mod here; thus, here we are...

And yes, the tracks should loop properly in this one! That was the brunt of the work, eheheh.

Download Links:

Version 1.1 Update!
(old version)

You'll need 7-Zip to unravel the goodies within. The instructions are in the README file, but I'll jot 'em down here for convenience's sake:


  • Any modded 3DS or 2DS system (be it soft or hard), with Luma3DS installed.

  • A copy (or both) of Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire. I believe both physical and digital versions work for this!

  • Just shy of 220 MB of free space on your [micro]SD card!
    (or 440 MB if you want to have them for both games without swapping folder names)


  • First of all, make sure that "Enable game patching" is, well, enabled in the Luma3DS options. To access this, simply hold Select while booting up your 3DS/2DS. Use up/down on the D-pad to select it, then press A. To save your settings, simply press Start to reboot your system.

  • Open your SD card in your computer.

  • Drag the "luma" folder in this archive right onto the root of your SD card. This should create the following directories, if they're not already there:


    (if given any prompts, simply click "Yes" to proceed!)

  • There should be these two TITLEID folders, each being one of these 16-digit codes for the respective games:

    Pokémon Omega Ruby: 000400000011C400
    Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: 000400000011C500

  • Cut or Copy the music tracks in the "1. Main Tracks" folder into the respective games' "sound" folder in the above directories. Do this for both games, if you want!

  • OPTIONAL: Cut / Copy the music tracks in the "2. Bonus Tracks" folder, in the same manner as above.

  • That should be it! Have fun reliving that delicious, saccharine GBA fuzz-ridden nostalgia as you play OR/AS!

  • ALSO: This mod should work on ALL regional versions of OR/AS! That's because the games are the exact same across all regions, thus they use the same 16-digit ID.

I'm sure there are other ways to load this mod, but I only know how to (somewhat) work with Luma3DS. My apologies.

Finally, I don't consider this mod "perfect" by any means-- mostly the volume across all the tracks not being completely parallel-- however, I can really only hope that people enjoy playing the games with this mod, just as much as I did when making it! Cheers! :grog:
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