Mighty Channels versus UNEEK/SNEEK?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by lafleche, Jan 19, 2011.

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    I probably do something terrible wrong.

    I have made a 'virgin' NAND with ModMII, put some wiiware/VC games in it and when I start-up this NAND with UNEEK I see my channels, can play all installed games and -most important- when I quit a game I return to the channel screen and can start another wiware/vc game.

    However when I use Mighty Channels I get the following two situations
    - all VC games crash with a message like "system file corrupt ....."
    - wiiware games play just fine, however when I quit a game my screen turn black
    In both cases I have to switch off my WII by pressing power a few seconds

    When I delete a file (can't remember which one) from my virtual nand (as the readme says) quiting a WII game returns me to the 'real' WII channels screen and I have to start Mighty Channels all over again for another game.
    However deleting that file results in UNEEK not starting up anymore.

    So -as you can guess- I prefer UNEEK right now and I can't really see an advantage in using Mighty Channels (although I find it a remarkable piece of programming....respect).... but please correct me when I do something terribly wrong and explain me the advantages of MC.
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    Erm...to start with the easy question: which cIOS do you have installed in slot 249? By default, that is the one used by mighty channels. Either rev17 or 21 (sorry...forgot which base IOS) work best. But even then, there are some games that need special settings (eg. the apploader) or that refuse to work properly. USB nand emulation aren't the best part of cIOS'es capabilities (don't ask me how Crediar gets the whole system to read/write everything to SD/USB).

    I'm keeping my sneek nand and mighty channels strictly separated, so can't comment on a missing file (perhaps that's even the reason I could never get uneek to work right [​IMG] ). But I can understand the question you're asking.

    ...and the truth is: it's a matter of choice. Yes, uneek is far better when it comes to compatibility and (once you've got it set up) ease of use. Those are strong points to use it.
    The only thing that prevents me from using it more is that uneek is missing support from other programs. It took me a long time to get 1.0.7 of the homebrew channel on it, I have no idea how to set up priiloader and I don't know how well other homebrew will work. wiiflow (sneekflow) is something I have high hopes of, but I doubt that eg. rawkSD will ever work properly when sneeked.
    At least with mighty channels, I know where I stand. I can have my wii boot into wiiflow (thanks to priiloader), and use an iso forwarder to boot straight into mighty channels. Or even into a (working) wiiware game itself (thanx, wad2iso).
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