Metroid Prime Trilogy Boot Issues :S

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    Hey guys, First post so Hi [​IMG]

    Anyway, I recently got a Copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Was Excited to play on my Softmodded Wii but when I booted it up in NeoGamma it went to the Main Menu..... Blah...Blah...Blah I Clicked on Single Player ---------> Pick a Metroid Prime Game --------> Then CRASH Half the Screen goes Green, Half stays black with the Metroid Prime Loading Logo then BAM it goes Back to the Wii System Menu... It's Really Frustrating Me, It Also does it on the Multiplayer Segment Too [​IMG]

    Any Help?


    BTW I'm Running cIOSX rev19 by waninkoko (Latest One) and Neogamma R9 Beta 3 (Also Latest One)
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    There's already a gaggle-fuck amount of threads on this very topic. Please research, then come back if you questions aren't fully verified/answered.

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    Anyone able to get this game to load off an USB drive? I'm able to get through the menu but when I try to start a game it resets the system. Is there a fix??


    UPDATE -fixed
    Wow, many pages and the answer is in the first few posts. blink.gif

    Just pick 'alt dol from disk' in gx or cfg loader. Below it, there will be four alt dols: one for the menu and three others for the games(in Cfg a menu pops up when you load the game). Not using any alt dol should lead you to the menu.

    I believe Configurable USB loader works a little better. GX has issues saving the load settings so if you get a black screen use Cfg loader.

    You need to make a save file for one of the games before you play this through the menu.

    MP3 will not work if you have Cios14 installed. Use a previous release.

    Thats it, no weird extraction or anything like that. The alt dols are within the iso file you put on the USB device.. no disk or additional files are physically/additionally needed.
    Also, make sure you have the right ISO file. It needs to be 'unscrubbed' and the final size for me was 7.91 gigs. Even with the files in rar format, the size is still over 7gigs.

    Update 2
    Loading the game as mentioned above will now be displayed in 480p. To get it to run in 480p do this:

    From Rypaul-
    If you are using the alt dol method then use Neogamma and set the region
    options like this
    Force video: 480p
    Patch video: All

    I can actually notice a pretty big difference in the gameplay. I don't think any other USB loader is able to do this. Also, it's actually 'Force video: NTSC480p' be exact.

    Neogamma thread is here:

    Thanks Rypaul for this info and Wiipower for loader.

    Issue(s)- The only problem I ran into is when you choose a game it automatically chooses 'veteran' difficulty and not 'normal'. I played about an hour of the first game before I realized this...the game's not really that hard. And shit, it's six years old...challenge yourself. evil.gif

    You can use only one save profile.
    On the upside to this, you don't have to go through the menu and all the other BS to get to the game. Once you load the game through USB loader it takes you straight to last save point. smileipb2.png

    Thanks!!! Jabmaster2 and Skater4599 and Rypaul and Wiipower

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    The game boots up find in all the Backup Loaders I've tried except Gecko OS which doesn't recognize there being a DVD, but when I try to start a game, the top half of the loading screen will flash green and it will go back to the Wii menu. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it? I have a soft modded Wii with IOS 249 version 13.

    I got it working if anyone else has the same issues follow these steps.
    1) Download NeoGamma R6
    2) Run Metroid Prime Trilogy any way you want and create a save file.
    3) Reboot and run NeoGamma R6
    4) Go to config and change the Altern. .dol option to Disc.
    5) Launch Game from DVD
    6) Before the game loads, it will ask which .dol file you want to load. Choose rs5mp1_p.dol, rs5mp2_p.dol, or rs5mp3_p.dol. Depending on which game you want to play.

    This seems to work for Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3. I have no idea how to get the multiplayer to work, and I don't know if you'll be able to manage multiple profiles in the same game.