Metro: Last Light May Not Make It To Wii U

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, May 29, 2012.

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    Global brand manager today confirmed that the Wii U version is no longer in development, though its not entirely cancelled.

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    The sign of things to come? I don't think so otherwise THQ would have said something about Darksiders 2. They're in a bit of trouble and I guess to make sure this game comes out on time they have to shelve a title what with THQ not having many big titles out this year and desperately in need of some cash. The possibility is still there but to be honest, after playing the first one properly lately I can't say I'll really care if it doesn' I have a PC :P
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    I think they want to play safe and see how the Wii U pans out before doing anything with it, just how Darksiders 2 won't have notable graphical improvements over the PS360 versions. And no, not because of the Wii U hardware. THQ said that they just won't do it.
    Anyway, better have a delayed game than a rushed or unimproved one.
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    It really doesn't matter to be honest, The first metro on PC was a pretty mediocre game.
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    A new marketing word on me and a fairly obvious one.... it is happening to me isn't it.

    Back on topic I thought the first was a FPS done right* (ish- it was far from flawless but something worthy of a bit of study unlike most other efforts) and one of the few I have played in recent years (although disclaimer probably wants to be I have yet to play enough of bioshock to truly say I have). Not sure about the business side of things (porting costs vs the potential to recoup them and such) but if someone said it would not be a good business decision I would have no grounds to doubt them.

    *dare I say what Doom 3 wanted to be?
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    this is most likely caused by there current finacial situation hell they wont even be at E3 this year. Though this contradicts what they said only a couple days ago about the WiiU version shipping later than the other version.
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    Nothing wrong with opinions.
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    I agree but it had some really solid concepts behind it and a sequel would logically fix all the problems and keep all the good. I got to the first stealth segment and just kinda gave up because some of it was absolutely retarded. Environment was good though and I liked the survival aspects, here's hoping Last Light does a lot better.
  8. Gahars

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    I gave up on the first game during one of the frustrating stealth sections. It had some pretty decent ideas, but it left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this sequel will capitalize on all that potential.