Megaman x3 on ds

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by cris92x, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Well using a rom hack for a snes rom.... it is able to play on your average genesis emulator... or your jenesisds emulator on ur ds.
    About an hour ago i downloaded rockman x3 for genesis thinking its one of those crappy pirated games that replace an unknown game with megaman and so forth. Well i played it and to my surprise its exactly megaman x3 the only difference i could spot were a few graphical ones such as charging has cheap small colorful particles but other than that it ran fine on my ds. I also got super mario world and it works great. Now my question is.... is there like a snes to genesis converter out there? or are they like super awesome hacks for a few games? if so can u at least tell me some snes games that have been ported.

    PS: dont ask where i got the rom... gbatemp is against that but if u really want it pm me and ill upload it to one of those free download sites
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    There is no SNES-Genesis converter. If anything, they're super-awesome hacks of games with just a few levels.

    Although Super Mario World on the Genesis was shit in every way and form.
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    The Megaman game for the Genesis is an unlicense and unofficial Hong Kong cart.