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    I wasnt sure where to put this, so Mods if u could move it where u feel appropriate, that would be great.
    Now onto the questions at hand:

    I was just wondering with all the companies going around lately making their own flashcarts, I wanted to know just how is a flashcart made?

    What does it take to make one, and how can the average joe go about making their own?

    Or how does one average joe enhance one they already own? [​IMG]
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    Step 1: teach yourself some basic engineering and make some schematics, taking care to use thin chips that fit within the flashcart dimensions, and that will support the required functions. or clone something that already exists.
    Step 2: teach yourself (arm?) assembly and create firmware. or clone..
    Step 3: teach yourself how to create a GUI for the flashcart you designed or cloned. ...
    Step 4: after testing the hardware you designed or cloned with the firmware and GUI, you get someone to produce the PCB and casing.

    this answer is a semi educated guess.
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    If you can't program you have three possibilities.

    1 - Hiring somebody that can. With real money.
    2 - Getting some people that sort of halfway know their stuff, and cloning an existing cart with no improvements since none of you know enough to design one in from the ground up.
    3 - Learning to program enough first. See you in 4 years?
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    you can always buy a new Flashcard
    and replace the sticker with your own sticker [​IMG]
    Here you have a Clone xD
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    What would you want to enhance? Cards already cover so much more than something you can learn how to do on your own.