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  1. teusjuh

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    Feb 1, 2008
    hello everbody

    sorry if this a noob question but i hope people wants to help me

    i have a 400gb wbfs formated hard disk

    now i want to refomated it but in 2 partitions

    -wbfs and ntfs

    i want to use the wbfs for games
    and ntfs for roms and psx iso's

    but how can i split the hard disk??

    i use windows xp

    and i want to know what i can do more than roms/iso and movies/music on hard disk
    i mean wiiware virtual console possible??
  2. C.S.I.

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Down under
    Split and keep your files - no chance.

    Split and start from scratch, can do.

    Just use XP Drive Manager to re-partititon the drive, then a backup manager to convert one to WBFS (or even better FAT32).

    You have no chance of repartitioning and Keeping all your data. Suggest you back it up before you do anything.