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    Region locked PAL only, US release was about a week ago in <b>Majin_And_Forsaken_Kingom_USA_XBOX360-SPARE</b>

    Seen as the US release only just hit a bit of copying and pasting from that.
    This game comes to use from Game Republic who are better known these last few years for their PSN titles and DS Dragon Ball: Origins titles although earlier on in the PS3 lifetime (as well as having a few more in the pipeline) they did some quite nice action adventure games to their name. What few reviews are out make the game seem strongly reminiscent of team ico games and pretty good to boot.
    Gameplay wise you direct the large creature on the cover by means of the guy.

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    <b>Video of some gameplay</b>
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    This game is getting great reviews yet there is no promotional press at all.
    Destructoid give it 9.5!

    I will check it out once I've finished FotNS: Ken's Rage (awesome game btw).
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    theres 100 rpg games exactly like this for me they all look the same somewhere based of final fantasy characters and graphics.