Hacking M3i zero z003 no longer works on


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Apr 17, 2007
Hi guys, so, i have 2 m3i zero flash cards, one is z003, and the other is not. I used to play my roms with the z003 one on the 3ds, and it worked perfectly, after i updated to, the card didn't work from time to time, giving me the "an error has ocurred, bla bla bla,". Now, it doesn't work at all. the card is fully updated, and yes, it worked fine with at the beggining. The thing is, in my dsi xl, the card works perfectly, so, it's not "broken". I thougt it could be a problem, similar to AK2i, that the card couldn't connect with the 3ds pins very well, so i used the paper trick, with no success. I have 2 original games that also run on my 3ds with no problem. So, the problem is with the cart, but i can't figure what. Once again, the card is fully updated, i tried 2 different systems (m3ds real, and other i don't remember), i installed the M3i_Zero_G003_Update_SH2, on my dsi xl, i swapped the micro sd cards, formatted both... i need some help lol.

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