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    Hello everyone,

    Well, I'll get right to the point!
    I'm using M3 DS Real (tryed both the normal and Sakura 1.11eng version), playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2... With 2 different codes, it seems my DS freezes and that when a Seeq puts a trap! I tryed many ways to bypass this but wasn't able to...

    Also, trying to figure out the problem, seems I got my eyes on the first line of both codes...
    100% hit rate 0207111C EAFE3BED
    x2 damage 020711F4 EAFE3BB1

    It could be only me with the problem (wouldn't be the first time!) but I'd like to know if anyone had the same problem with either M3 DS Real 3.9x or Sakura 1.11eng

    If anyone as an idea or wishes to help but is FAR from Seeq society (hehehe), I have a save game I could share... Only need to start it, enter the pub, get "Our playground" sub and play it of course... (Those guys should pose at least a trap...)

    Thanks in advance for any kind of help! And thanks for the site, still rocks!


    Or hey... Would it be possible to stop rangers from using their traps?

    Oh, hey, I forgot to mention... I also did a trainer (DSATM) with the codes (provided by Narin), and it freezed too... Now, I'm getting really dizzy... [​IMG]