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    So I previously had an HD5770 that was pretty nice, but I noticed in a few games that the shadow render distance was kinda low. Like, after a certain distance from the actor, the shadows would be drawn at a lower quality, or sometimes not at all. I first assumed it was a game engine thing for a specific series, the stalker games, but then the same thing popped up in Far Cry 2. And then in Borderlands 2. I asked around but no one seemed to know anything. There's a thread here with some pics on the problem and some more in-depth descriptions:


    So I ended up buying a GTX 570. I installed it, booted up some Borderlands 2, and saw the exact same problem. But what's more, it was worse. The draw distance is even lower from the player, and the shadows sometimes aren't even blurry, but non-existent. Because I've had this happen across different cards, I'm starting to think the cpu or the motherboard the culprit... but how? Why? What? I'm on a FX-4110 AMD processor and a gigabyte motherboard:


    Anyone have any ideas? All of google only seems to care if the problem is about Skyrim, and nothing else. Something to note is that some shadows show shadow striping, too. I was at the latest drivers on both cards. The problems seemed to be involving dynamic shadows, but that's just me guessing, as some (static) shadows seemed to remain.
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    Had the exact same issue except with a HD 5870, and the issues were worse. Shadows were blurry, shadow draw distance was low, textures would occasionally flicker between their normal state and black very rapidly depending on the distance, and the low-res textures for objects would only change to high-res textures upon moving very close with the player/camera.

    This was on a brand new system that I had purchased with my own money. I spent months trying to remedy the problem, including:
    - Replaced Motherboard
    - Replaced PSU
    - Replaced GPU
    - Reinstalled Windows (along with drivers)
    - Replaced RAM
    - Formatted HDD
    - Tried Nvidia GPU
    - Used All Drivers from Old ones to New ones
    - Tried Different Video Cables
    - Tried Different Monitor
    And much more. Nothing worked. So eventually I just learned to live with it.
    However, the problem doesn't exist now. I never even noticed it being remedied.
    To this day, I have no idea what fixed it.

    TL;DR, experienced similar issue with the ATI 5xxx range of GPUs, tried everything, learned to live with problem, problem mysteriously vanished.
    Nonetheless, I wish you the best of luck in solving the problem. I know how frustrating it is! :P
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