Lots of problems after installing Rebug 4.82.2

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    Dec 31, 2018
    I don't know why but Rebug 4.82.2 might have messed up all three of my controllers. I have three: two fake DualShock 3 (which are new) and a Thrustmaster that also works on the PS2 and I can't play a single game in perfect conditions (even legit ones). In one of the fake DualShock 3 I have problems getting to the gaming part since I have problems in the XMB because the controllers moves the left controller to the rightmost part of it. I have to press the Start button in the Thrustmaster controller a little hard for it to work (although I don't remember if I had this problem before installing Rebug or immediately after installing it) and the square button is automatically pressed ordering things the XMB by category (I didn't have this problem before installing Rebug and immediately after installing it) and if I press it the Square button may not answer, one of the fake DualShock 3 controllers automatically moves, like I said before, the left analog to the right (and in this case and in the other fake DualShock 3's I know I didn't have this problem before installing Rebug or even immediately after I installed it since they were bought in the Summer before installing Rebug and I still remember) and the other one automatically moves the right analog to the right (moving the camera to the right) but that only occurs after I manually move the right analog to the right first, except with one downloaded game (although I didn't try the more than 30 legit games I have but just one of them and the other 3 downloaded games since I have 4 of them) which (maked the character roll) does that without me doing it first, which is also weird. These issues with the controllers are weird because at least the fake DualShock 3 were working fine before installing Rebug and immediatelly after I installed it so they got problems after that. It might just be a coincidence and these fake DualShock 3 controllers suck, I don't know.

    This is really weird but I've been using multiMAN (latest version, although it says there's a new version [00.00.00] at the top after running it, which is weird) and not webMAN MOD or sMAN (tried the latest version of both) because they often freezed the PS3 (I'm forced to shut it off the hard way) after loading a game or app unlike multiMAN.

    My PS3 made a lot of noise after playing some games with webMAN MOD and sMAN (even with that fan option turned off), even bought ones (and ran from the "normal way" and not after being mounted by webMAN MOD, multiMAN or sMAN), which it didn't make before installing Rebug and it still makes a lot of noise after removing them (webMAN MOD and sMAN) and playing them with or without being mounted by multiMAN.

    Also, I don't know why but sometimes I have to click the Toggle Rebug Mode option in the XMB in order for the game multiMAN mounted to show up in the XMB or else it will not.

    This CFW thing only got me problems and I only got started in this scene in August. Excuse me for my english but it isn't my native language. To be able to access the PS Store I must convert the PS3 to DEX in Rebug ToolBox first as well as to access some DLCs (even ones I bought from the PS Store). Is it normal?

    EDIT: I just tested the Thrustmaster controller in the PS2 and it has the same Start and Square buttons problems so did Rebug mess it up for good so that I even have these problems in a console from a different generation (I can't believe this is even possible)? Shouldn't I only have this problem on another PS3 at most? Maybe Rebug also screwd up both fake DualShock 3 and they don't even work fine on another PS3 but I don't have a second one in order to know if I still have the problems. Also, my PS3 is not making as much noise as it made in the Summer during the same parts of the same games but that might be because the temperature is lower now and it still makes some.

    EDIT 2: The Square button problem in the Thrustmaster went away for some hours and now it returned. Weird.
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