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    Feb 13, 2013
    United States
    Hey there,

    I have a R4itt v1.6 flash-cart and I would like your help to find a working kernel.
    This cart is intended for NDSiXL, NDSiLL, DSi, NDSL and NDS.
    It is not intended for 3DS.

    The card itself is purple, and has a screw on its back.
    The board reads r4itt from behind, and the flash memory chip is a Macronix/Kynix 25L1605AM2C.

    I have tested the kernels from r4itt.net (web-archive) as well as others from the "retrofan collection"; none of these have worked. Also, the stuff from the "old wood" website did not work for me.

    I keep getting a "menu error", a white screen with the cartoon of a red SD memory with a "¬.¬" face and the message "menu?"

    I would appreciate your help!
    PD. I have other working flash-carts, I just want to get this one going.
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