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    Hey guys.

    So I'm starting a year-long school project in film study and part of that is a few friends and I watching a movie then recording our conversation on it. I was then thinking of editing that by splicing in images referring to the subject matter (in comedic and emphasis value). But, to be professional, I was thinking of having some type of intro image showing what we reviewed.

    Here's an example from Zero Punctuation:


    Just put "HaVCHaS Presents..." and leave the rest blank so I can just easily go into MS Paint, type the movie title over it, and save it for whatever movie we do. The background should be relating to film (from generic clip art and whatever), must be appropriate, and should look professional. I'll give you credit in the credits.

    Additionally, if anyone has any type of generic musical intro (no lyrics, just maybe some guitar riffs) then that'd be nice too and you'll also get credit. Otherwise I'll whip something up in Acid real quickly.

    EDIT: For further reference, he's a really bad example I made in MS Paint as a guide...