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    Nov 23, 2018
    The long title sums it up. I'm looking for 2 Pokémon Battle Revolution saves for collection and (for the sake of) nostalgia purposes.
    - Spanish language set in game for one save and Japanese for the other. (In EUR/PAL versions language to spanish of the game is changed by changing the console language).
    - A synced NDS (this can be done with a spanish/japanese language version of the game or rom) (Check Storage Enabled).
    - The save doesn't necessarily needs to have pokémon inside the boxes (If you want to gift me some pokémon inside I don't mind ;) ).
    * If using flashcarts I believe that only using G6 Real DS or CycloDS Evolution flashcarts will connect to the wii. I don't know if others will work.
    * I already own the USA and EUR/PAL english versions.

    I've looked everywhere for these saves and I'm closer to get my hands on the Japanese one. But the spanish version has been so hard to obtain even on spanish forums and websites. So I'm asking here; any help will be greatly appreciated as I am unable to get any of the required hardware to do this.
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