Looking for a new CPU cooler and case

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    Hi guys, I recently got myself an i7-4790K and have been using a Hyper Cooler 612 TPC for cooling, but I'm not overly impressed with it. Do you guys have any further recommendations for me? Cooler + specific fans as well. I have good experiences with Noctua fans so I would gladly use something from there.

    Also, I feel like I could do with a case upgrade. I have had a Lian-Li K62 since I first got into building custom PCs around 2010-11 and feel it is time to change that. Do you guys have any recommendations for me here as well?

    At the moment I'm considering something like the Corsair H100i combined with a couple of Noctua fans such as this model?

    As for case maybe something like: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_1055&products_id=29882

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I've got a Fractal Define R4 and am very pleased with it. The R5 is the next iteration, but marginally changed in terms of excellence (the R4 is one of the best cases in existence for gaming :P).

    The H100i will do well with your setup, but I've not checked the liquid cooler market that much lately. As for the Noctua fans, you could get them or something from Fractal to go with the case you chose. In most cases, I'd recommend checking how the case works in your setup before buying a ton of new/replacement fans. I've got 3 Fractal R2s in my case IIRC and they're completely silent when the computer is under load with my GPU being the loudest. Rocking an i5-4690k and GTX 970
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    I wouldn't say the R4 is the best in gaming, since its cooling performance isn't on par with other gaming towers, but I do agree it's one of the better cases in general. Its main feature is its focus on acoustics and reducing sound leakage. My old Antec 1200 may have far superior cooling and do better for gaming, but the tradeoff is that it sounds like a hurricane.

    As for the original post... I don't have much to comment on. The H100i is a good cooler. It's a lil noisier than my H110 but it's far easier to find cases that can mount it. And as for the R5... well, here's a review for it from my favourite review site.