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    Aug 18, 2019
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    Hey all! My name is Joe, been playing video games since the mid 90s. I mainly play a mix of retro games and indie games, but I play some AAA titles when they catch my attention. Lately I have been pretty obsessed with the GBA, and I have been doing most of my gaming on that and the DS/3DS alongside my PC. I plan to grab a Switch in the coming months as well. I love building retro handhelds as well as restoring and modifying old consoles/handhelds. I love chatting about all things gaming, and looking forward to meeting people around here. I also do some game development on the side of my day job, so I love to chat about that as well.

    Also, I am a big Metal Gear fan, as you can tell by my user name ;)
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    Nov 8, 2018

    Welcome to GBAtemp.

    Have a great time and fun.
    For your Chatting love you can use GBAtemps included CHAT or maybe yu find some new friends here with thes ame interests.

    Thank you.:)
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