Loading games in vwii turn off HDD...

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    Jul 1, 2015

    Im trying to use a HDD to work properly in vwii but no success at the moment.
    My HDD is an ADATA CH94 Classic 500GB.
    Of course I use a Y-Cable connected properly in the back ports in the Wii U.
    I have alternate cios revision installed for mayor compatibility.

    The situation is the following:
    1.Launch CFG Usb loader > HDD starts turning on trying to read data > Turn on and turn off 2 times and instantly remains off.

    2.Launch USB Loader GX on ios 58 > HDD remains on and reads properly > Select a game and launched it > It try to launch game and turn off instantly.

    I have reformatted the HDD as FAT32, NTFS, even WBFS and its the same. If I use another HDD it works flawlessly.

    My guess its that my HDD its not very compatible, but I want to know if there are more options; I tried WiiFlow but its the same as above.

    Thanks in advance.