List of USB Compat. games WITH IOS Requirements?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by esmith13, Oct 21, 2009.

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    OK, so i searched and searched for a USB Loader compatibility list for retail games and I DID find the one on the Wiki as well as a few individual threads about a few problem games...

    My question is, is there a list that references games that do work with USB loaders that require an IOS change to load??

    In other words, a list of games that work on USB loaders that need to be loaded with IOS 222 or 223 instead of 249 to function properly...

    The problem with the existing compatibility list is that very few entries reference the need for an IOS change. Either they list a title as not working (when it would under IOS 222 or 223) or they list it as working and usually fail to mention they loaded it with IOS 222 or 223 - leaving you to wonder if you just have a bad backup.

    I know it's kind of nit-picking to get a list for a setting that can only be one of three things, but maybe if it's tracked/updated well, future USB loaders could pull that list off the internet similar to a 'titles.txt' and auto configure most games to load on whichever IOS is most appropriate.

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    The GBAtemp Wiki is the closest thing we have to a comprehensive compatibility list:

    Any entry which is marked working will either have blank comments (default settings - IOS 249, no 002 options) or will describe what the game needs (IOS, 002, forcing, etc) to get it working. Since it's maintained by users it's not 100% accurate, but you could always chip in to assist.
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    It would be such a great idea to have a more complete list such as listing region of game and what settings it takes to work for each system NTSC system and PAL system. That way you can just go through your games and set them up fast without the trial and error. Id be willing to contribute!
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    that list would be so huge it is stupid. for every game you need to have a complete list of settings for each region, being played on each region wii, for each region tv, for all the hundreds of different ways people have their wii hacked, what loader they are using, and if it is from disc or USB, ...ect.

    so by the time you find your exact setup in the list, it would be faster to just use trial and error.