1. Dracari

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    Apr 5, 2009
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    with Just now downgraded to 9.2, i know its not needed but it makes thing easier but the guide stating to unlink NNID's

    if i unlink my sysNAND but keep EmuNAND linked will i haveto redownload my eShop games? or am good to go?

    and a semi offtopic but EmuNAND question:
    i have 2x 8GB SD Cards. i want to keep 1 for the Large games i have (Pokemon SMD/A Link Between Worlds)
    and the second for others/Rom injections do i Seperatly sethem up as blank states then redownload/recopy ?
  2. raibot

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    Dec 15, 2014
    United States
    If you have previously installed games on that emunand you can unlink by system format in sysnand and pulling out the sd card before clicking confirm so the format doesn't affect your emunand (which is stored on your sd). So then when you plug that back in and go into emunand everything will be unaffected and same as before.

    If you have 2 sd cards you will need have emunand set up for both of them. This can be either a same emunand you have from a backup or a completely different emunand. Keep in mind that an emunand partition will take up about 2gb of space, so thats 4gb you'll be forfeiting.

    Alternatively if you have Gateway you can set up your emunand on just one sd which goes into your 3ds, and your other sd which goes into your GW red card, and you can put games into this card without needing to set up emunand another time.
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