Layton: Curious Village HD released for iOS and Android.

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    The 2007 adventure that began the series was announced to be heading worldwide earlier this month. Today, Level-5 games has released Layton: The Curious Village HD on the Google Play Store and App Store. The game costs a one time $10 fee and has no in app purchases or ads. It is also available offline after installation. A few Layton branded games have appeared on smartphones before but this is the first time the professor himself appears in one. I'm sure it will be a treat for long time fans and newcomers alike.

    Google Play Store:

    App Store:
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    Contrary to what the app store / play store says, this game is Multi5. At least if you download it from the EU stores.
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    Tempted. Wish they rerelease all the games staring him in a bundle for the switch