Laptop screen not coming on

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by khan, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm having problems with my HP Compaq 6735s laptop screen. The screen is not coming on. All I can see is the black screen. It was working fine the night before. It seems like the laptop is running as per normal in the backgroud but I can't see anything on the screen. There's power going to the laptop. The 'on' button light is lit however there's an orange light constantly flashing next to the place where you insert SD/Multimedia cards. When the laptop boots up, caps lock blinks as well.

    I have tried everything I possibly could e.g. fully charged the battery, reseated battery and restarted laptop but it's made no difference.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Are you able to connect it to an external monitor?

    I had a Compaq a few years ago, and its screen backlight spontaneously died. I was able to actually see that it was booting properly when daylight shined on the screen -- I could see the outlines of logos and subtle changes. The computer wound up sitting on my shelf for two years before I gave it away though, because it could only be used with an external monitor after that, the laptop was no longer being supported and was no longer under warranty. The worst part was that it was only possible to see anything on the external monitor by pushing the hotkey to switch displays, once Windows actually booted, so I wasn't even able to reformat the laptop before I gave it away (because I had no display to work with when booting to anything but the existing install of Windows XP).

    Hopefully you do not wind up with that problem, but if you can use it with an external monitor, and it works, at least things can be recovered.
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    Could be a few things:

    1) Try hitting the display output fxn button a few times: it may have accidentally been hit so it is sending the signal out through the monitor port (cycles between lcd/external monitor/lcd+external monitor)

    2) shine a light up close on the screen, if you barely see the normal screen image (just really dark), once the computer has booted up: it's the back light or back light controller, and you might be able to get it fixed, or buy the parts for a DIY if the warranty is out.

    3) No image even with a light shining on the screen and laptop has booted up: either a loose cable going to the screen or a bad video card: If you can hook it into an external monitor and use it like a desktop, then the vid card is probably fine, and the LCD has died unless it's a loose cable.

    Good luck
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    I've seen 2 Compaqs with that exact problem - one was like that out of the box (but worked fine so long as an external monitor was connected) and the other turned like that after a month.

    Your best bet is an external monitor, just to be able to use the thing. A number of things can cause blank screens, from BIOS/Windows not recognising the laptop monitor existing (as was the case on the first Compaq), to faulty drivers (as was the case on my Dad's Acer laptop after trying to update Intel's GMA graphics), to faulty screen (backlight problem most commonly, although Compaq always use crappy screens to keep costs low, however it could be, as mentioned, a loose cable which I hear happens sometimes and is annoying to fix but can be done). If you can at least check BIOS and the Windows drivers, you can rule out a software problem and turn to the hardware (and probably claim your warranty).