1. King_Millez

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    Oct 22, 2018
    So I've been looking into DS rom hacking and thought it'd be cool to see what I could do with the Kyle Hyde games. (Specifically Last Window). I unpacked the .nds file and inside the data folder everything seems to be packed inside ".pack" files. I've looked everywhere for a way to edit/view the contents of these files, but nothing has worked yet. If anyone has any ideas they'd be appreciated :)

    I would provide an image but apparently I'm not allowed to. Cool.
  2. tehwes

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Tinke supports opening Last Window .pack files but only if you load the ROM directly and it must have the game code YLUP (and possibly only if the files have .PACK extension in uppercase).

    I think I've figured out a more complete format of the .pack files used in the game (might be useful if anything gets to the stage where it needs repacking):

    BE = Big Endian, LE = Little Endian
    4 bytes - 00 00 00 00
    4 bytes - (BE) File Count
    4 bytes - (BE) File start offset - 4/pointers section length
    4 bytes - (BE) Memory allocation size? Seems to be the size of the whole .pack file, rounded up a bit
    File info table
    1 byte - Length of filename (single bytes)
    X bytes - Filename
    4 bytes - (BE) File length
    | repeat |
    File data starts here, concatenated.
    Many of the files contained (.bin files in *_Text.pack, .ifb, .ebp, .iba, .bpg) are compressed like this:
    4 bytes - (LE) Uncompressed length
    X-4 bytes - ZLib Compressed content

    • Many of the values seem to be Big Endian, not sure why
    • Many of the files are compressed with ZLib; they have x789C near the start which are the Default Compression flags.
      • You can use Kuriimu here. Tools > Compression > General > ZLib > Decompress (you'll have to first remove the first 4 bytes for the Uncompressed length)
      • Once decompressed the text is readable in ShiftJIS
    I've attached some sample decompressed files.

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