Kinect releases 9th November 2010

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    We have had many kinect releases (seen as we just saw the release of the hardware that is understandable) and rather than confuse issues they have been bundled into one post. All the titles in this post will be straight up disc games, XBLA releases and any indie games that use the hardware will be left for other posts.
    As one might expect it is largely a parade of gimmicks, tech demos hastily turned into games or shoehorned into developing titles, mini games, non games and games that barely deserve full pricing.

    In order of releases

    The sonic racing games appear for kinect, reviews say it does well for itself. Think hoverboard.

    Words (well than 100 of them) can not express this one, video on the other hand

    The 360 equivalent of a workout DVD although this one gives you feedback.

    mini game collection of various sports actions (rather than simulate a sport you might have to defend a goal or something).

    A virtual pet for the kinect hardware.

    A game cash in on a bad reality TV show.............. compared to Your Shape Fitness Evolved this one is definitely more diet related. On the other hand exercising and eating properly are about the only way to being fit so this is probably a better waste of money than most diet gimmicks.

    Snowboard/skateboard game that misses the mark somewhat apparently.

    Wii sports but with full body tracking (or as much as the hardware can afford), apparently the hardware works and as wii sports was fun to play it follows this is not bad either.

    While the basic motion controls afforded by the wii and PS3 did a fair bit to legitimise handlebar syndrome this apparently takes it to the next level while not being that brilliant of a racing game.

    MTV does a dancing game. One video

    Mini games set in Indiana Jones type locations using the kinect hardware.

    Fighting games that actually mimic movement is something of a dream for some people (although the games as escapism/fantasy crowd might have something to say). Of the 10 reviews (or in some cases attempts at reviewing) I read for this all utterly trashed this game.