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    KCL is a common collision format used in various Nintendo games. This tool can export and create new .kcl files with .obj files to and from other 3D programs. The primary focus of this tool is Wii U and Switch support but older versions will work.

    • Supports all versions. GCN, WII, DS, 3DS Wii U, and Switch
    • Supports multiple model subdivisions for V2 KCL (WiiU/Switch) allowing for high poly collision models.
    • Can go even higher than 65k polygons for V2 KCL (WiiU/Switch).
    • Can easily load and save KCL binaries, change endianness, version, etc.
    • Can generate custom attribute byml files used by 3D World and Odyssey using preset editor.
    • Supports mapping material attributes by .obj files (COL_## for material name, ## is hex value).
    • KCL importer GUI which can load various game material and collision presets and import/export .obj files.
    For those that use Switch Toolbox, it has been updated to use this library as well so it has the same support.
    This tool is for easier lightweight use and for those that cannot run the toolbox.



    What this tool has over other existing tools is that this supports very high poly V2 KCL (which would either fall through in random spots in some tools or crash in others) along with a simple to use preset system users can define per game with different settings and materials.

    The library has build options using both the net framework and net standard so cross platform net core apps can be developed using it.

    If you'd like to help out, feel free to create custom material presets or expand any existing ones. Guide



    • Functional collision handling for in tool editors (currently somewhat functional but needs improvements).
    • Automatic .obj triangulation.
    • Library by Syroot & KillXGaming.
    • Thanks to MasterF0x for the first V2 KCL implimentation and exelix11 for some help with odyssey support.
    • Thanks to Syroot/Ray Koopa for the original library base.
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