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  • Ive figured the only way to keep durability is to run the cheat engine, find the memory values and activate a constant 250. That way the weapon stays at this durability, can be done with infinit arrows aswell. THanks for the tip
    Hi KillzX, really appreciate your CEMU + Cheat Engine post. I followed your quick guide and love how much i can change in my inventory. Only issue im having is weapon Durability and the hidden bonus. Anyway you can help in this area?
    Many thanks
    For durability, try looking at the weapon you are using in the memory viewer, and try using the weapon so the durability changes. You should see 1 or 2 bytes turn red which hold the values for durabilty.
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    hi,sorry for disturbing but do you happen to have a 3ds rom for pokemon x or y that works ?..mine crashes right after i meet the professor and choose my name and gender.Also maybe it s the emulator,using citra of you happen to have a different type of citra ?i could also show you some pictures if u wish.I want to at least raise my pokemon a bit,anything but to not crash right at the beggining
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