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  • can you develop the selection to switch between graphics cards for those who have duel cards Intel being there default to AMD or Nvidia
    Hi, Is it possible to Add edit resolution from Adapter AMD and Nvidia 720p,1080p,1600, etc? Like emulator Dolphin
    and add Vsync enable, disable
    and add Internal Resolution 2x Native 1280x1056 for 720p etc
    And thanks
    Hi, i live in Colombia and have not credit card, can i make you a donation with bank wire transfer?
    Just want to put a word of encouragement to you, on this page. You could take centuries to complete this, and I'll still be grateful. As long as this makes you happy and fulfilled. Keep up the amazing work.
    I would also like to contribute, mainly to testing. I have no knowledge of coding or stuff like that, but I have a MASSIVE array of Wii U games to test if needed, both on disc and eshop.
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