Just got a used x360 and need your help

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    I am new to the x360 hacking scene. I just purchased a used x360 and would like to play x360 iso/roms on it but not really sure what the best route to go is. I've done a little bit of research but still have some questions.

    It appears to be an early model slim 4GB with a date of 2010-11-03 which I believe means it is a Trinity board. The drive has a LiteOn style tray. Dash is 2.0.16767.0

    I can't install an internal drive (iMac and Mac mini) so if I go the burned disc route it would have to be an external burner option. If I go the burning route, will I need to flash my LiteOn drive or do I just need a specific external burner and DVD-R's?

    I have had a hacked Wii/Wii U for years now so the idea of the xk3y is appealing to me. From what I've seen in videos and read online, it seems like there are some drawbacks to using the xk3y's isoMenu option. I am not concerned so much about going online but that could change depending on the game. If I go the xk3y route, I'll probably just have modchipsdirect do the install for me.

    So I guess I really just need some direction. If you were in my position, what direction do you recommend going in?

    and thank you for taking the time to help me.
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    According to 360drives, you have a hitachi... but the only true way to tell is to open it.


    Lite-On - DG16D4S: Use a "via 6421 Sata Card" Or an x360usbpro v1/v2 (v2 has onboard power, so you wouldn't be using the 360's)
    Hitachi: Need RGH to get the console's cpu key and fcrt_enc.bin
    Lite-On - DG16D5S: Need RGH to get the console's cpu key and fcrt_enc.bin

    Lite-On - DG16D4S: MXIC Chipset: Sputnik probe needed to unlock it to be flashed, Winbond chipset: You'll need to drill into the chip to unlock it. (they need to be unlocked to be flashed)
    Hitachi: Buy LTU PCB
    Lite-On - DG16D5S: Buy LTU PCB

    ODDE: (Optical Disk Drive Emulator/ 3k3y / wasabi)
    Lite-On - DG16D4S: Place FW file on the sd (3k3y), If you use a wasabi, the wasabi dumps the key and you don't even need a pc.
    Hitachi: Place fcrt_enc.bin and your cpukey inside (i dont know the name of this one).txt on the SD, Idk if wasabi supports these drives
    Lite-On - DG16D5S: Place fcrt_enc.bin and your cpukey inside 1175.txt on the SD, Idk if wasabi supports these drives

    Burning: Get a sony optiarc drive, they support overburn, so you wouldn't need the burnermax program or to flash it.


    ODE route:
    xk3y: You can use any usb device / or even attach an external usb dvd drive to read games
    wasabi: you're limited to e-sata only, still works though.. But their site is down and they don't support the device anymore. (so no FW downloads)

    If you have the DG16D4S, Extract it yourself, and use 3k3y, or use a wasabi for everything.
    DG16D5S or Hitachi, have 3k3y it installed by a pro installer.
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    I'd say get an Xkey.
    No need for burning anymore.
    It's a bit more costly to begin with but it's easier in the end, also cheaper if you get a lot of games.
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