Hacking Just Dance 2015 Kicks me out to Homebrew Channel


Nov 9, 2013
United States
Well, I just posted over in this thread, but I figured my problem seems different enough from what is happening over there that I'd start a new thread to try to get some personalized help.

First of all, it seems like everyone that is having issues with Just Dance 2015 (Will refer to as JD2015 for this thread) has an issue where it simply gives them a black screen after they try to load it.

My issue is that 90% of the time when I load JD2015 it kicks me to the Homebrew Channel. The other 10% of the time it reloads USB Loader GX.

I have not been able to replicate at all when it decides to send me to the Homebrew Channel or USB Loader GX. I'll have all the settings identical, and 9/10 times when I click start JD2015 I go to the Homebrew Channel, and 1/10 times I click start JD2015 and I go back to USB Loader GX.

Settings I have messed with:

I've made sure USB Loader GX is fully up to date. (I've updated it via the Update menu in "settings" in USB Loader GX itself) It did have two updates available, but still no dice after those updates were installed.

I've created a spreadsheet with "Use Global" "Force NTSC" and "Force PAL60" on the rows and "IOS 224" "IOS 249" and "IOS 250" on the columns. I've tried every combination possible with those settings, and still no dice.

I've reinstalled D2x v6 in CIOS 249 and 250 using d2x CIOS installer, and I also installed cIOS224[57]-v5.1R.wad using WAD manager 1.7. Still no dice.

I have the black wii with version 4.3U. It's the wii you CAN'T get the DVD player to play movies. :(

The game works fine if I load it from disc from the normal Wii menu. I've only tried mounting the DVD drive twice now from USB Loader GX. The first time I did this I was greeted with the black screen. (Had to reset the Wii) The second time I did it, it worked fine.

Finally, apparently people have problems with JD2014 too. Well, that game works perfectly on my system. As does every other game I've ever tried. JD2015 is the first game to ever give me problems.

So any thoughts out there on how to get JD2015 running through USB Loader GX? Thanks in advance!

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