JTAG 360- Forza 4 compatible dashlaunch and in game FTP plugin.

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    In case you missed it a new dashlaunch (this would be version 2.24) that fixes the new protection as seen in Forza 4.
    Also something that looks like it will interest several there is now a background FTP patch for dashlaunch so you can FTP (somewhat more slowly) when in game.

    Dash Launch 2.24

    ~brought to you by cOz~

    Known Bugs
    - Thanks to excellent testers, none were corned by the time of this writing. If
    you find any during use, find the release thread at xbox-scene and please
    report them there.
    - in freestyle 1.7 and earlier, there was a minor glitch that caused console
    crashing for some people under rare circumstances, if you haven't updated
    to RC1.8 or newer please do so.
    - corrupt games when launched return to NXE to display the corrupt game UI

    - hddalive was defaulted to true instead of false, fixed
    - xell launch now shuts off usb device (fixes issues with xell reloaded)
    - xell launch simplified to allow for variable sized xell bins
    - added jtag debug support to patches and export var (thanks Nate!)
    - reworked devkit signed xex loading. Faster, dll dev xex working again (thanks Anthony!)
    - fix forza 4 (and maybe others - thanks Nate!)

    add as a plugin to dash launch
    connect to your normal xbox IP on port 7564
    it check for device change events every 1s or so, removed devices will still appear in the ftp list, new devices will be added.

    if it doesn't seem like a good idea, don't do it (like write to flash)

    it's not the greatest ftp, you don't get great speed uploading to the xbox but you can do it (slowly) while you play a game.
    based on the xexmenu ftp (slimftpd) with some bugfixes and extra devices added.