Joycon capacitor identification required

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    A reddit thread has just popped up regarding a fix for a fault where the right Joycon starts randomly inputting button presses, here's the thread -

    The poster has fixed the fault by adding a wire link but really it should of course have a capacitor there. Does anyone know what the value of the cap is in case this is of use to somebody else down the line?

    The poster has put some photos here, first of the added wire link, then the original cap in place -

    Green Joy-Con D-Pad Shells for Nintendo Switch
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    wow! that was a close one :switch::wacko:
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    You're asking the specifications of the Capacitor?
    Just get a multimeter and check, if you want I can check, since i have spare joycons out of their shell.

    Or are you just sharing this just because?
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