Japanese immersion in Canada?

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    I considering taking Japanese immersion so that I could learn Japanese. I know that speaking Japanese is pretty easy. The reason why I could take Japanese immersion is to better understand its language (especially the kanji which to me is harder to pronouce than hiragana and katakana).

    Does Canada had Japanese immersion? Since I lived in Burlington, Ontario, I don't think there's Japanese immersion in Toronto and its surrounding areas. Also, do I have to be 18 years old and above to participate in Japanese immersion, since I'm now a teenager? :unsure:
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    I assume you mean kanji is harder to read than hiragana and katakana. Their pronunciation is no different from kana.

    I'm curious--what do you consider "Japanese immersion?" And why would you need to be 18 to immerse yourself in any language to learn it? I say the younger, the better.
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    By Japanese Immersion, he means all Japapanese education. Being taught every subject in Japanese. French immersion schools are pretty common here because of our bilinguality. Unfortunetly I don't know if there's Japanese immersion schools in Canada, but if there are I wouldn't reccomend it. Being taught all your subjects in japanese is probably going to hinder your grades to some degree or another. Besides, after you graduate you might as well go work in Japan if you're that serious about it. They have programs for foriegn English teachers.
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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    Ah, I see. That's cool that Canada has schools like that for French. I had to ask about it because some people consider Rosetta Stone to be "language immersion," but it's not.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    We always had tons of korean and japanese kids come to our highschool to study. I assume it works both ways.
    Other than going to Japan for a school year, I highly doubt there are Japanese Immersion schools IN Canada. It's not practical. The only reason there's french immersion is because Canada is a bilingual country.
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    I have never heard anything about Japanese Immersion curriculums anywhere in Canada. Many secondary schools offer Japanese because it's a popular language for teens, but I haven't seen anything that goes beyond that besides online courses, or post-secondary course options. The number of Japanese-Canadians does not warrant a possibility of a Japanese Immersion program in Canada; as mentioned before, French Immersion is only found in the provinces outside of Quebec because of the official bilingual status.