Jailbroken apps without jailbreaking

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by Joktan, Aug 28, 2010.

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    For all iPhone iPod touch or iPad users go check out www.openappmkt.com.make sure you are on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Add a book mark of the site and launch it from from the springboard. After opening it will alow you to install rock or sbsettings and others just like a jailbroken Idevices without jailbreaking. What this does is let you install apps without jailbreaking.

    I thought this was kinda interesting.
    Looks like certain apps don't install unless you jailbreak.
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    These are not "Jailbroken apps". These are HTML5 applications which simply work through the Safari browser. These are unregulated and not only okay in Apple's books but encouraged for developers that do not want to work with the App Store.
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    Looks interesting. [​IMG]
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    Actually, I remember a thread speaking of this not too long ago.

    Not really news (since it only lets you install HTML5 apps and NOT JB apps) and the title's a bit misleading.

    Moving this.
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    Does SBSettings actually work installed through this method? If its just an HTML5 app, I don't see how it could, or at least not properly...

    EDIT: I was in an Apple Store today and messed about with this, and the SBSettings app is fake, it just loads the Apple website [​IMG]. But other than that, this is pretty sweet, very slick interface etc., hard to tell the apps aren't native apps.