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Aug 22, 2004
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i am a successful businessman. right now i am in my office looking up words in a thesaurus, then looking up related words in two dictionaries, picking the better definition and highlighting the worse one as a reminded to forget it later.

sometimes im an emoticon. you may notice i have my own emoticon. its here if you forgot what it looked like:
its ok.

this one time i sent a pm to tshu that was only emoticons and he sent me one back that was only emoticons and thats really all we needed to say. this gba has a pulse -->

i never bought a gba sp. if you bought a gba sp youre probably a poop and got in on the gba way too late. if your first time playing gba was on a ds youre probably not used to the luxury that it is that you are able to play in a room with less than perfect lighting. trying to be able to see the screen was like half the fun and challenge. the dilemma was that if you went outside you both looked really stupid and the sun made the screen impossible to see, and if you went inside to play sitting near any kind of light had like terrible glare so you just were kinda like oh well fuck me then i guess ill never get a score above 30 in that one boxing game in game and watch gallery 4.

i live in japan you gatdam baka. sometimes i go outside to the nearest super kawaii (
!!!!!) ramen shop and just to sit down and tell the people they look just like that naruto i saw on the telly. they dont know what im saying they dont speak english.

if i measured my 'desk' i think id feel bad about how poorly i 'utilize' the 'space' [this is it this is what she said]

sometimes i think to myself that maybe i shouldve bought a psp and then i remember that crash bandicoot was basically sonys mascot.

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