Issues with Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland

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    Hey guys, so I wanted to play this game with the translation patch finished, but it seems I am having some issues with the game post install.

    So I got the CIA file with the translation patch already installed, dropped it onto my memory card and installed it with CIA. Also installed the update CIA for it as well that enables online play. I go to load up the game and it doesn't launch, the game just freezes at the Nintendo 3DS logo screen. It does the same regardless of whether or not I patch the game first. Is there something I am missing here?
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    The last time I suffered from this problem, it was a "cryptofix" problem. When it is an eshop game from your region, you simply have to visit its page on your console's e-shop program. But in your case (if it is this problem), since it isn't possible, it requires a manipulation using Decrypt9 and a seed.bin file

    Alternatively, if your custom firmware isn't equipped with region unblocker, your foreign CIA will do the same thing.
    Some games need a specific language to be set to work: Luma3DS has an option to pass this.

    There can be a probem too if you installed a "region free" version of the game then updated it with a japanese DLC/update.
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