ROM Hack Issue with Sky3DS DiskWriter V1.06


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Mar 16, 2015
I recently bought a 64GB Samsung Micro SD card directly from Amazon with the intention of using it with my new Sky3DS. After uploading about 30 ROMS, I got a prompt that a 30 entry limit was reached and I couldn't upload any more. The SD card worked in the 3DS, however when I put the SD card back into my computer the DiskWriter only listed 4 ROMS on the card, even though I have 30 on it and I'm able to cycle through them when the SKY3DS is the console.

I wondered if anyone would be able to help with couple of questions.

1. I was under the impression that the SKY3DS has no game limit. Is this correct?

2. Does anyone know how to resolve the issue with only 4 games showing up on the DiskWriter?

I was just concerned because if for whatever reason I have to wipe the SD, I can only select the save data of the first 4 ROMS to back up and restore, which means I would lose the sava data from the other 26 ROMS. Also, a few roms I've uploaded on the card aren't working and I'd like to get them off without formatting it and starting again.

I'm using V1.06 of DiskWriter on a PC running Window 8. I'm running DiskWriter 'as administrator' and the SD card is definitely official and not a fake.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

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