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Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by thenutcrack, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. thenutcrack

    thenutcrack Newbie

    Jan 23, 2010
    Hi im having an issue with batchdgp version 1.60 and i really need sum help here (note i also tried several older versions but the exact same issue persists)

    Cos ive used super and the vid quality is great but audio and video is always out of sync no matter what tweaks i do..
    Dgpenc works well but the video quality isnt that great as the frames tend to 'ghost' even at the highest framerate that dgpenc allows 30fps.. An the higher the Framerate the more choppy it gets when tryin to play it on moonshell.. As it says the recommended framerate is 24.

    Im usin moonshell version 9 btw.. Thats the last latest before moonshell 10 beta.. Which i dont want to try until a stable version comes along..

    This is the error msg i keep getting when tryin to convert any video
    "conversion failed. open (path)(Video name).avi.avs in a media player and take note of the error message.
    This box will time out in 30 secs."

    I keep getting the same error message just as i click the run button.. Its no issue with the video as the video works fine with my media player k lite codec pack media player home cinema. and i have tried several hter vids too all of them end with this error msg..
    I have installed the latest avisynth program.. And ffdshow is included in the full version of the k lite codec pack that ive downloaded.
    i also ave the .net framework installed tho im not sure what version.. But then dpgenc wudnt even initialize witout that rite so thats not the issue..
    Also when i try leaving the temp dir and output dir blank in the settings menu
    i get this error msg
    bepipe.exe unable to locate component
    This application has failed to start becuase MSVCP71.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
    And after that error msg shows three times the error msg i mentioned above is displayed..
    Is that really sum issue as in its not normal or im just not supposed to leave those fields blank anyways..
    Sumbody pls help ive wasted two whole days now tryin to figure out this issue not only wit batchdgp but with super and dpgenc as well..
    Batchdpg was my last hope an thats let me down now too.
    update -
    Or mayb sumone out there who knows how to help me figure out my SUPER problem wud be even better cos i luv the vid and audio quality with that.. The only issue is the aud/vid out of sync issue..
    As i mentioned i tried testing several different settings like even reducing framerate and unticking the high quality box on the far right.. And various other things all within the means of the super settings..
    Everytin gives the same result.. Is it a prob wit my system?
  2. thenutcrack

    thenutcrack Newbie

    Jan 23, 2010
    After a whole lot of time wasted and about 20 different setting outputs testing dpgenc i have finaly discovered the issue with ghost imaging and after images with dpgenc encoded vids.. If of course anybody had that problem.. And note im using the latest moonshell version 2.9 stable... And use an R4 flashcart.. Which makes no difference cos i have tried playing the vids with dpgshow on my pc itself and it shows just the way moonshell wud no difference there..
    Its really simple..
    That little box with the default setting
    'smooth frame bending' ticked?
    Just untick it..
    An convert ur vid to wutever the settings u want.. Even higher frame rates... The vid quality just dusnt have that weird and irritating lag anymore after that...
    That little option that "sounded" like a good thing which "ought not to be tampered with" shud just be kept unticked..
    I hope sumbody else will also benefit from this finding and do their own test runs.. Cos trial and error can get u all the info u need sumtims..

    But note that with my case unticking that box worked with avi files only for the moment.. I didnt try any other file format so far I have more tests to run.. Even audio/video sync issues with SUPER have been limited to avi files only.. Didnt try any other format there either..
    Will post wutever findings i discover as a discover them.. heh..
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