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    Nov 13, 2008
    United States
    First of all I wanted to find out about the scene so far in the GC usb so far I searched and found this page before I post the link its not a WII usb loader but a GC usb loader from 3 years ago .
    So if someone could only replicate what the hardware did then there is a chance of a gc loader.
    1.GC had no hardrive in it so its a advantage(even if its a puny hardrive in the wii),thats why it needed a chip or so I conclude.
    2.A big one the GC had no USB support ,but I guess thats what the chip did so I'm not so sure about this one.
    3. This is kind of primitive it was made in 2005.

    What we learn from the past can help us in the future(why history is a class in school).

    I do see a big downside

    the wii is way more advance than the GC
    So maybe this topic might give or take hope.
    heres the link
    this worked like the usb loader exept it was for the gamecube console, so its very possible if someone can make a software rather than a hardware like this.
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