Hacking GCN Some (not all) gamecube titles are not appearing on usb loader gx


Aug 13, 2023
Here I am asking for help again so soon.

Above is the list of GameCube games I have installed on my 256 gb Fat32 SD card to be loaded with USB_Loader GX on SD mode. The ones that are highlighted ARE NOT detected by usb loader and do not show up on the list. The other ones work. All of them contain the appropriate ISO named game.iso. I also tried to play dk jungle beat on Nintendont directly, and it worked.

There are two noteworthy differences between those that work, and those that don't:
- 1 : The ones that work were ripped directly from a physical disc using USB loader gx. The other ones where obtained from an alternative source, one who's name starts with the letter V (plz don't kill me).
- 2 : The ones that DON'T work started off as nkit.iso files. I used an NKit tool to convert them back into normal ISO files.

It's also noteworthy that my "source" also provided some Wii games that show up just fine.

Ultimately, though. I would expect that so long as there is a file named "game.iso" in a folder with a name of the appropriate format, that usb_loader gx would simply show it. And that should the iso be faulty, that it would simply cause a crash at run time or something.

Regardless, here's what I've attempted so far :

- I've tried checking and unchecking the GC box in the filters.
- I've tried obtaining the ISO from another alternative location.
- Most importantly, I tried putting all of them on my pc, then tried reinstalling them on my sd card via GC BackUp-Manager

That last operation went very well and yet usb loader still doesn't find my games.

Any help is appreciated. I just hope this message doesn't get me banned, because I legit don't know how else to explain the issue without mentioning the "sources". Oh well, you miss all shots you don't take.

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