Is there a good way of using a WiiU gamepad controls on PC yet?

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  1. Matt_G

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    Jan 12, 2016
    Did some looking around on GBATemp as well as on some sites from a google search but I can't seem to find any decent gamepad to PC solutions.

    I know there is UsendMii and GamepadtoPC but they both are limited by using the browser so Y + L can't really be used from what I know. Also GamepadtoPC hasn't really seen too much progress since 2013 and I reckon there must be a better way at this point.

    Is there any homebrew that can make the gamepad usable?
    I remember that there was the button test app when there was only userland on 5.5.1 and since DDD uses your network to dump games, would it be feasible to make a hombrew app that could integrate inputs and network connectivity?
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    not really but it shouldn't be that bad, just no developer wants to work on it, would need to be a low level thing like HID2VPAD that hooks into VPADRead's "packets"/frames but over the network
  3. jc5504

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    Jan 14, 2015
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    That's the closest thing. It's not user friendly in the slightest, and you need linux plus a certain type of wifi adapter so you can intercept the Wii U's signal. That specific software is actually for communication from the PC to the Wii U, via the gamepad. But with the right tweaks it could be reversed, since the hard part of having a direct connection between the gamepad and the PC has been done already.

    An easier way (for the user) seems possible with the new 5.5.1 exploit, but no one has developed an app like that yet. It would have the same limitations as Usendmii, meaning you need to be on the same network and you need to be close to the Wii U, but adding the L and Y buttons should be possible. The input lag from USendMii actually isn't that bad, so this theoretical application would be pretty useful.
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  4. CreeperMario

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    Thanks for the idea, man!
    I'll be sure to do that... later.
  5. DarkenSX

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    if you're thinking of using it as a game controller or a drawing tablet atm i dont see this working as the way wiimotes connected were simple Bluetooth without a pin wiiu pad has mario symbols as a pair code and i dont remember if its via BT or WiFi but either way nothing to date authenticates that way for pc.. also assuming its wifi there may be a security key (wep, wpa etc) as well before anything besides wiiu could connect to it but you still need to do the stupid symbol pairing cant help but wonder if the controller has any CPU or anything on board that Nintendo didn't disclose for specs. maybe the reason its so locked down like that
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  6. Matt_G

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    Jan 12, 2016
    I see where you coming from @NWPlayer123.
    @jc5504 , yeah I also knew about that method but I don't want to install Linux nor do I want to go through that whole process
    Awesome, hopefully it goes well when you get round to it.
    I've just wanted a good way of doing this because for the few games I have on steam that are better played with a controller, I would like to use the gamepad plus using for emulators would be sweet.
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    Jun 11, 2016
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    Maybe once we get an IOSU exploit we can do that...?

    Also it's playing card symbols not Mario symbols :P
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  8. Bug_Checker_

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    When the console is in GamePad pairing mode (press twice on the SYNC button), it exposes an open access point named WiiU<mac2><mac>_STA1(where <mac> is the adapter MAC address and <mac2> almost the adapter MAC address). The GamePad connects to this access point (TODO: how does it choose the AP to connect to?) and initiates a WPS handshake to get the credentials for the normal communication mode.

    Nintendo modified the WPS handshake slightly to obfuscate the protocol: a normal WPS implementation will not compute the same AuthKey and fail at stage M2. The standard specifies that the AuthKey is computed from KDF(KDK). In Nintendo’s implementation, AuthKey is computed from KDF(KDK_ROT) where KDK_ROT is KDK rotated 3 bytes to the left.

    The WPS handhake uses a PIN code which must be the same on console and GamePad. When pairing, the console displays the first part of the code on the TV screen using symbols: ♠ = 0, ♥ = 1, ♦ = 2, ♣ = 3. The second part of the PIN is hardcoded to 5678. For example, if the console displays ♠♠♦♣, the PIN is 00235678. If you are trying to associate a gamepad to your computer (and not your computer to a Wii U), you get to choose the code, as long as you enter the same on the GamePad it should work.

    After the WPS handshake is done, you should get the Wii U SSID, BSSID (AP MAC address) and PSK.

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