Interesting idea Nintendo could do?

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    (For the Record this was Officially the First Thread made in this Forum Subsection every other thread that appears to be made earlier was moved here)

    If the Switch ends up selling well I could potentially see them maybe just maybe (But probably not) Releasing different "Tablets" that can plug into the Home System and can be used to play different types of Nintendo Games

    Assuming that the Switch has a pretty decent set of specs for the dock they could maybe get like a Wii SoC type tablet that supports discs (Although I'm not quite sure how this would work) and release it for say like $100 USD

    Alternatively this could be how Nintendo goes about it for the future either releasing a new dock or a new tablet with upgraded specs to upgrade the system and they would in a way all be compatible with each other

    For example they could release an upgraded dock and tablet in 2020 and it would have new specs but the old Switch Tablet can still be plugged into the system as well

    I'm not really sure and I could just be talking a bunch of bullcrap to be honest though this could make for an interesting discussion

    (If none of this makes sense I apologize I'm not 100% awake right now typing this from Uni)

    What do you guys think
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    I think the dock is just a charging cradle and video jack, no extra hardware. I think everything is in the tablet part. Probably.
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    hopefully asymmetrical multiplayer games like wii u had. maybe even connecting multiple tablets for local multiplayer.

    we are still in the dream phase folks

    edit: Switch has 2x USB ports. gamecube controller adapter confirmed
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    I thought they clearly showed multi-tablet local multi-player (the 2v2 basketball)

    hardware wise, I think it looks spectacular. if the wii U had just had the ability to use the tablet independently it would have been much more popular in our house
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    I can see them doing this, but as far as going back the disc, not going happen.