[Interessthing] Old *hax Exploits working on Luma3DS v9.1 (Rosalina)

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    Mar 6, 2018
    The old Exploits on 3ds (Steelhax, RPwnG, etc are working on the lastest Luma Version. Here is a little Video of this...

    But the Changelog on Luma >=v8.0 says
    -*hax Payloads don't work anymore
    -You must using the Homebrew Menu >=v2.0 and
    -Exploits don't work anymore

    HBlauncher Loader don't work but the Exploit Way was good for YT Exploit Tutorials in the Future without delete CFW and reinstall it in any Time.

    But when i select "Enlish" or another Lanuage in the System Settings than the simple Exception Error. Is this a Bug or a Recomered Feature on Rosalina? Whriten in the Comments for your Idea. Thank you
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