Indie game Seasons After Fall launches official website, releases 2016

01 - Seasons after Fall - Sleepy rocks in winter.jpg

Indie studio Swing Swing Submarine has launched the official website for their upcoming puzzle-platforming game, Seasons After Fall. The game will be available for PC later this year.

Seasons After Fall has you in control of a wild fox, on a journey to find the Guardians of the Seasons. To aid you on your quest, you have been granted the ability to change the seasons in order to manipulate the world around you. You will travel far and wide in order to meet these guardians, one of which we are showcasing today - the Eel, guardian of Spring. The rain from Spring allows you to raise the water levels, change the flora, and open up paths to new areas.

:arrow: Official Site

Sonic Angel Knight

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May 27, 2016
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It looks nice.
makes me remember Never Alone, Lost Wind and games like Muramasa for the graphics and 2D view.
Muramasa rebirth is hard, I can't get the platinum trophy and i only have 2 trophies left to get :(
For some reason the picture reminded me of trine but now it makes me think of vanillaware games like odins sphere, muramasa, and Dragon's crown. Wonder if they are behind this somehow? Is vanillaware still making new games? Or is that the only 3?
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