Increase mounting timeout of USB Configurable Loader

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  1. ppRaistlin

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I have recently recieved a box (Advance BX-3802EB) for my 3.5 hard drive.
    This drive was previously successfully linked to my Wii (as a nude drive with WTBS partition and with a good IDE to USB adaptator) but the W.A.F. (woman acceptance factor) was very very low as it is because it was "ugly" in a dining room.
    So I decide to put the drive in this box. But, arggg...the boxed drive isn t mounted anymore by the v56 of USB Configurable Loader.
    I have read on a website that increasing the timeout of mounting (actually 30 sec) to 60 can fix the problem but I can't find how to do that ?

    Can someone help me please on this one (or at least propose a clever solution (other than replace it [​IMG] ) to make this boxed drive work) ?

    Thanks for your help
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    have you tried plugging the drive in during the loading process?
    have you tried having the drive plugged in whilst the wii is powered down?
    have you tried experimenting with other cios versions?

    these are various things i have seen/heard/read people doing to make problematic drives, or in your case enclosures, play nice. best of luck though, bonne chance, i should say, and as far as i am aware, usb loading depends more on how the wii sees the drive (an enclosure or adapter in your scenario) than the drive itself - so you may need to roll back to the woman-unfriendly bits or find another enclosure.