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Aug 1, 2011
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R4i V1.4
Revolution for DS

So a friend got this for his little girl but they can't get it to work on their XL and I can't get it to work on my DSi 1.4.4 either. It won't even appear as a card in the main menu of the DSi.

I went on the website listed there and according to their authentication code thingie the thing is legitly bought from them. My main problem is this came with a bunch of ROMS and files loaded on it but it wouldn't work on any of my DS's (Lite, Fat, DSi) with what was loaded on it so I first made a backup of everything, formated the SD card and tried again. Failed. I went and redownloaded the latest kernel and put nothing but the downloaded files in... Nothing. I tried looking around their website for files I might be missing but I couldn't find anything... I considered contact issues on the card but I have no way of testing this...

What do you guys reccomend I do? I'm not good with the R4 because all the possibility of fakes and duplicates simply drove me away into the hands of Ak2i so I'm hopeless here. I know there's Wood but I'm not sure how to work that into this either...

Basically, I have this and a blank SD card. What now?

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