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Nov 22, 2006
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Due to reasons I don't particularly want to share I've been without a computer for five days now, which made me realize just how useful my DS is. I've played pretty much all the DS games I'm interested in, but I've never really got into emulators. So using DSOrganize's browser I managed to download ScummVM and a ROM for Monkey Island, then extracted them using DSCompress which I downloaded from DSO's Homebrew Database. So I've been playing The Secret of Monkey Island for quite a lot of the time, but when I wasn't, I was able to go on IRC through DSOrganize (tried downloading ClIRC but I could only find a download in a format, I think it was RAR, that DSCompress couldn't extract from). I downloaded the new PocketPhysics which is pretty awesome on its own, as well as with my DS Motion Pak, however I couldn't download PocketPhysics from the download centre as the button didn't work, maybe a HTTP link could be added?

So yeah, I never expected that my DS could be so useful!

Also, before I went away, I started gathering information for my review of the DS Motion Pak, trying to find useful or fun homebrew to include in my review. It's a shame that most of the homebrew that would fit this description is either unfinished, buggy or only works with the Motion Card (the Card, slot-1, was released before the Pak, slot 2, so many old motion supporting homebrews only support the card). But I'll keep on trying, expect a review within a fortnight

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