I'm 90% there! I only have 1 more question!

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    I used WBFS Manager to put Wii ISOs onto my 500 gb partition (F) on my 1tb Iomega external hard drive. I have a Wii 4.2U, with all of the stuff installed correctly.
    USB Loader GX:
    • I opened USB Loader GX from the Homebrew Channel
    • I went to Settings>Unlock, and I typed the code (ab121b)
    • I clicked OK, and I message popped up, saying that install, rename, and delete are unlocked
    • I clicked OK, and when I click "Go Back" to return to the menu, the button freezes. I can still move the cursor, but the buttons stop responding.
    I then tried the Configurable USB Loader.

    Configurable USB Loader:
    • I opened Configurable USB Loader from the Homebrew Channel
    • Everything loads correctly.
    • When I click on a game (i.e. Sing It: Pop Hits, for my little sister), it plays the title music, and says the name of the game
    • After I click on "Boot ISO", it lays "Loading. Please Wait...", but just freezes there.
    Can anyone help me with any of these problems?