iEvo not recognized in DS Lite -- am I doing it wrong?

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by Harbinger of Cak, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I myself have a Evo. I recently advised a co-worker to get one too, but it seems the Evo is out of stock, making the iEvo the only choice, so I offered to configure the device.

    I got MechAssault - Phantom War (U) and My Healthy Cooking Coach (DSi Enhanced) (US) no problem (both of which were .nds files). Following the instructions, I did this:
    • Formatted the MicroSD card (it was new, but I did it anyway out of best practice).
    • Used iEVOBootTool.exe and input the .bin, the DS file and the DSi file to create BOOTUPDT.EVO with no errors.
    • Placed BOOTUPDT.EVO in the MicroSD card's root.
    • Used the updater dongle as directed (insert dongle with iEvo, red LED lights up, insert MicroSD into iEvo, LED goes out, wait some minutes, LED lights back up, wait a few seconds, remove).
    • Deleted BOOTUPDT.EVO from the MicroSD and placed boot.ievo on the root.
    • Inserted the MicroSD into the iEvo and the iEvo into the DS Lite.
    • Turned on the DS to "There is no DS Card inserted," turn off, eject, reinsert, turn on, still not recognized, turn off, eject, reinsert a few times, turn on again, same thing.
    I went through the above process three times before concluding something might be wrong. Researching it online suggests I'm doing it correctly, but the iEvo still won't be recognized. My Evo is recognized fine (it has its own MicroSD card). Any ideas?

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    make sure the roms you are using verify as clean good dumps. try the alternative method for flashing the bootloader, outlined in the ievo review here at gbatemp.

    -another world