i was useing wyou.exe to install some of

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    wii backups i own to a seagate usb2.0 travel agent 250GB HDD, it work great the first time with sonic unleashed, punchout, manhunt2, all usa games , all played great.

    but now i put 3 drvies on it, one for ps2 hdd loader 153GB, one for wii games 59.56GB , one for a other files.

    i used my dvd burner to read my backups in wbfs wuyou2.68 , it read the dvd s great the 1st time but not after that, now i have to rip the my wii backups with imgburn, than install them with wbfs wyou268

    why wbfs wyou268 would'not read my wii dvd backups??

    just keeps giveing me a floating point error ???????????????????????
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    Jul 22, 2009
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    I have WBFS Manager myself, i either install the games using the Wii, or I install the ISO directly to the WBFS harddrive with WBFS Manager, No experience though using backup Disc